Great Tithe Barn

Haselbury Mill Tithe Barn


A Tithe Barn was a type of barn used in England and Germany in the middle ages and in the United States for storing the Tithes - a tenth of the farm's produce which had to be given to the church - our tithe barn however is used for our magnificent functions.

Our Great Tithe Barn opened in April 2008 and has been running successful functions from the day it opened, with Civil Weddings and Receptions, School Proms, Charity Balls and much more including a choir concert.

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The tithe barn is perfectly situated overlooking the main grounds of the Haselbury Mill, although it very much part of the Mill it has it's very own grounds with lake and ample car parking.  

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Haselbury Mill Tithe Barn

On approaching the tithe barn you can see it's impressive structure, built from local Ham stone and the grand oak doors, it's absolutely breathtaking. When entering through the 16ft tall oak doors your eyes are drawn to the vaulted oak ceiling which reaches over 33ft high and 4 gothic chandeliers and wall lighters lighten up the plaques in the ham stone which makes it feel magical. There is also a fire place big enough to stand in. The floor is laid with blue lias flagstones and under floor heating for those cooler days. The barn is also fully equipped with it's own Bar, Kitchen, Stage, Band room and toilets, including disabled toilets and access - all making it ideal for any function requirement.

The Crafting of our Tithe Barn

The construction of the medieval style tithe barn, is believed to have been the first completely new construction of a tithe barn for some 300 years. While many have been restored over the years, no-one pursued the ambition to undertake to build such a large building.

The project had begun many years before the first block were laid, with meticulous attention given to planning, and design issues. Finally in January 2007, planning permission was granted and the project was finally away. The building started to emerge from the ground in August 2007 as the buttresses started to take shape, the sheer size of the building and project became apparent.

The outer walls are constructed from Ham stone, taken from the local quarry of Ham and Doulting Stone Company who, working with 9 skilled stone masons from the local area, have crafted the marvel that is the Great Tithe Barn at Haselbury Mill.

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The main roof trusses are constructed from solid oak beams, and were all hand cut and shaped by local craftsmen. Even the joints are authentic, with hand shaved wooden pegs holding the trusses together.

A Modern Build

Behind the authenticity of the barn, many features are hidden from view but are necessary to comply with the latest building regulations. Firstly, the building needed deep foundations, a feature omitted in many original builds. The buttresses needed to be reinforced with concrete, while the roof trusses were designed by a structural engineer to withstand the most furious of possible winds.

Clearly, in today's modern world, it was necessary to incorporate some modern features. The building is heated by water pipes concealed beneath the flagstones floor and energy efficient bulbs are fitted to medieval style candle holders and hand crafted wagon wheel chandeliers.

In summary, The Great Tithe Barn is a 300 year old building, built to 21st century standards.