The History of Haselbury Mill

Haselbury Plucknett


The hey-day of the mill was probably in the later half of the 19th century. During this time the new house (now used as the Hotel Accommodation) was built, the old house having burnt down in 1805. The late 19th century saw the installation of a steam engine, with factory chimney, (some remains are still visible) to provide supplementary power to the 16ft high by 81/2 wide water wheel, (reputed to have been the largest in Somerset). The wheel (now long gone) has also left it's mark - the rub marks from the wheel can still be seen in the Ham Stone walls of the original mill building, outside the Miller's bar door.

Haselbury Mill

The mill remained in industrial use until well into the 20th century, with barley being grounded into cattle feed. Wherever you look, you will discover interesting features & plenty of historical character. The former granary has an interesting window of ecclesiastical design to its top floor on the south side. This window is much older than the building itself and is thought to have come from the old Wastham's church, which has long since disappeared and its exact whereabouts, forgotten.

Haselbury Mill

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